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MRT Distillers

MRT develops and manufactures a full range of distillers to accommodate various capacity requirements. The software can also be adapted for a wide variety of waste. MRT's patented distillers have been in commercial use for over 20 years, and with the high degree of mercury recovery they offer, it is clear why MRT Distillers are the most highly regarded in the market today.

During the distillation process, hazardous mercury is recovered from mercury-containing waste such as fluorescent tubes, batteries or thermometers. The process is fully automatic, making it safer by eliminating the risk of human error.

There are two types of distillers available: Batch Process Distillers and Continuous Process Distillers. Your choice depends on the type of waste and volume of material you intend to process.

Batch distillers are designed to process moderate volumes of heavily amalgamated materials or material with a relatively high organic content.

Continuous process distillers are designed to process high volumes of less amalgamated wastes with low organic content.


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