Аlligator Shear

The production of this diverse range of press shear is in accordance with the quality standards applied to any other Moros products. Machines provide the possibility to adjust knife clearance and program automatic cutting.

Мachines for Cutting Metals


                 HМ10 / HМ11                                                         HH11
               Cuttings shears                              Scissors for separation of metals

Model HM10 HM11 HK15 HH11 HK10
Cutting force (t) 65 45 65 33 90
Blade size (mm) 325 325 600 - 400
Engine power (hp) 10 10 15 10 10
Knives (in mins) 15-16 21-22 20-30 - 10-15


HK15 Shear


Fast cutting shears for metal processing. The machine perfectly copes with cutting radiators, batteries, etc. It is also available in a tilted version for easy loading, with a tilted hopper and adjustable stop option when cutting beams and profiles.

HJ15 Shear


the HJ15 Shear has a differential system with 2 speeds, which gives it a multi-functional character: the slow speed is designed for cutting steel waste, while the fast speed is designed for processing less strong metals. Equipped with a hydraulic clamp. Optionally, you can add a crusher, as on the model H-F-30, to reduce the volume of waste before cutting.

HF30 Shear

This model was specially designed for processing steel waste. Equipped with a cast zebra and an automatic hydraulic holder, as well as a crusher, which reduces the volume of waste to be cut and thus facilitates the supply of material to the mouth of the shear.